Let’s build something new.

Hi, I’m Tony. I’m a software developer, entrepreneur, and marketer making products for mobile and augmented reality.

My Services

I excel in using the newest technologies to create successful products. Together we can build your product, company, and vision. My services include:

Mobile Development

Performant apps, iMessage extensions, and games written in Swift 4.0 for iOS

Augmented Reality Development

Futuristic AR apps built on ARKit for iOS


Product marketing, digital marketing (PPC, Social, ASO, SEO, SEM, SMS, Push, Email, Affiliate, Influencer), and traditional marketing (direct mail, branding, customer interviews)

Product Management

Product definition, research, roadmapping, and coordination


User experience, user flows, user research, and user-centric design


Infrastructure selection, tool setup, and product & database design

My Work

About Me

Mechanical engineer by training, marketer by practice, self-taught software developer by day, gamer by night.

Tony Morales

Stanford & UIUC BSME, Booth MBA, 8 products built & launched since 2014, always learning, lives in downtown Chicago

Contact Me

Want to build something together or talk about tech? Shoot me an email or message me on LinkedIn.